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Swan Song or the End and Beginning of an Era

I can not believe I’ve been blogging for over eight years. Eight years. My blog is older than my oldest child. It’s such a strange feeling.

I’ve been through some serious ups and downs with this blog. From births to miscarriages, from tropical destinations and learning to bloom where we’re planted…this blog has been my therapy, my constant companion, my kitchen table where we talk about everything and nothing at the same time. It may have changed names four or five times, but it’s always been here, ready when I need it.

This site has given me more opportunities than I could have ever dreamed of. I’ve made a career out of social media because of this site. I’ve made lifelong friends because of it, too, and found myself in the middle of a community filled with strong, amazing, smart men and women who I adore greatly.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end and so must this site. As of now, is no longer going to be an active blog. It’s no longer where I find my happiness. I find more joy in sharing little snippets of my life on Instagram, talking (way) too much on Twitter, and being completely ridiculous on SnapChat.

So I’m pursuing that happiness through those channels. will remain on the Internet for as long as I remember to renew my domains. Things like #YearOfTarget aren’t going away…they’re just finding a new home on Instagram. I’m trying to refigure the site so my Instagram photos post here automatically, so you’ll able to find links to purchase items or have the ability to pin images. It may be a while until I can get all of the kinks worked out, but I am working on it.

Who knows, one day maybe I’ll find my way back here again. Maybe once we’re moved and settled and I’m at a new job, I’ll find I have a million things to blog about again. Until then, I hope you’ll join me as I chase my dreams elsewhere. Thank you to everyone who’s made this site what it is today. I appreciate and love each and every one of my readers, and friends, who stop by here to listen to me ramble about the things I love.

See you on Instagram, y’all.