#TheBFGMovie Casting Details Announced

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I’ve started to shy away from doing posts about movie press releases because it seems like everyone and anyone is posting the same information the second the press release email is sent out. Right now, I’m watching the hashtag #TheBFGMovie fly through my twitter stream as everyone tries to disseminate the latest news as fast as possible. I grew tired of trying to beat the others posting the information and, to be quite frank, I wasn’t receiving anything in return for posting (save for one free press screening pass a year) and there are several releases in my inbox every day from every studio out there. It got to be too much.

But there’s something about this movie that makes me forget all of that.

You see, The BFG isn’t just a book to me. It’s my childhood contained in 208 pages. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the book. In fact, I still have my third copy of The BFG in my office to this day (I wore through the first two copies.) I’ve re-read it as an adult several times and, once we finish The Witches, I’ll be reading it to my daughter.


I used to lay under my covers, flashlight in hand, imagining I was Sophie in her dormitory, listening to the sounds of The Witching Hour. I could imagine trying a snozzcumber and I’d keep little containers around my room…dreams I’d catch in jars.

Roald Dahl’s books were magic. They entranced me and I loved each and every one. Although I learned later in life that Dahl was kind of a jerk in real life (there’s quite a bit of time spent on describing his character in the advertising tell-all book Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the ’60s and Beyond and none if it is endearing), he’s still my favorite children’s author to this day. Sorry, JK. I love you and Harry, but Dahl wins.

This leaves me guarded over my enthusiasm over The BFG being made into a major motion picture. The BFG was Dahl’s favorite work and it’s been a childhood favorite of so many since 1982.

The Witches, another Dahl favorite, was very well done. It was very English and they didn’t shy away from making the story a little terrifying and grotesque (Dahl was said to have hated the upbeat ending of the film version and wanted to be disassociated with the project when it was chosen.) I wasn’t  a huge fan of the adaptations of Matilda (I didn’t like transplanting the story into America and some of the plot changes, although DeVito did do a commendable job) and James and the Giant Peach. I do admit to not seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I have it on my must-watch list. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, while a brilliant film and one of my all-time favorites, was not true enough to the book to really make a comparison (the Johnny Depp version was just…bizarre, although did follow storylines a tad bit closer, even if the Burton-esque touch was a tad bit heavy handed.)

Today, it was announced that newcomer Ruby Barnhill has been cast as Sophie (isn’t she adorable?) I trust Stephen Spielberg’s judgement when it comes to casting, especially knowing his penchant for making movies whimsical and he seems to be able to capture not only the hearts and imaginations of children, but isn’t afraid to throw in the scary stuff, too.
#TheBFGMovie Casting Announcement
I can only hope they are making Ruby blonde for the role, reminiscent of Quentin Blake’s illustrations. Sophie will always be the tiny blonde girl with thick bangs and large-rimmed glasses wearing a dressing gown of pink.

Mark Rylance has been cast as the title character: The Big, Friendly Giant.



Are you a Dahl fan? How do you feel about the upcoming BFG movie?

DreamWorks Studios’ film  is slated for a July 1, 2016 release, with filming to begin in “early 2015.”

Best Birthday Ever

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The stars aligned and I just got the best birthday present ever.


See you in just over a month, Disneyland!

Best of Stitch Fix 2014

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I discovered Stitch Fix near the end of 2013 and fell in love with the personalized styling service pretty quickly. Since then, I’ve received quite a few Fixes and added some pretty great pieces into my wardrobe.

Best of Stitch Fix 2014 Reviews

I wasn’t able to get a December Fix because I waited too long to try and schedule one (boo for no birthday Fix!), so I figured I’d take a look at some of my favorite pieces from my 2014 Fixes. Not every piece I kept made it into my usual rotation, and there have been purchases I’ve regretted, but that happens when I shop anywhere. You can see a list of all of my Stitch Fix Reviews here.

These are pieces I’ve worn over and over again and will make it into next year’s wardrobe, too. This is the best of Stitch Fix 2014:

1. Moon Collection Alexander Aztec Drape Front Cardigan ($68) January 2014 FixMoon Collection Alexander Aztec Drape Front Cardigan Stitch Fix Review

I wore this sweater at least once a week last winter and at least that much this winter. It’s big and cozy and warm and I can wear lots of different colors and shirt types under it. As I mentioned on Instagram last week, my winter “uniform” has become a drapey cardigan, flowy top, infinity scarf, jeans/leggings, and boots. This cardi does pill easily, but I’ve been able to clean it up using a few hacks to keep it looking new.

That January Fix was probably one of my favorite Fixes ever. I still regret not keeping all of the items, especially that cowl neck tunic and colorblock sweater. What was I thinking!?!

2. 41Hawthorn Flora Striped Fit & Flare Skirt ($48) February 2014 Fix
41Hawthorn Flora Striped Fit & Flare Skirt Stitch Fix Review

I was hesitant to try on this skirt, but once I got it on, I was so happy. It looked great with a tank or short-sleeved shirt, and I loved wearing it with a jean jacket on cooler days. This skirt was responsible for making me love high-waisted skirts and dresses. I don’t think it will leave my Spring/Summer wardrobe rotation for a very long time. The only way I could love this skirt more is if it had pockets. Because pockets are everything.

3.  41Hawthorn Chevron Print Detail Dress ($64) June 2014 Fix41Hawthorn-Harriet-Chevron-Print-Detail-Dress-Stitch-Fix-Review-June-2014-1024x819
If I’m being completely honest, I have yet to wear this dress out of the house. I was saving it for a special summer date night, but it never happened and the dress is still sitting in the closet with the tags on. All that being said, I love this dress so very much. I keep hoping for an occasion to wear it (if I go to Cali in January, you bet this dress is going, too) and even if I don’t wear it until next Spring/Summer, I’m still 100% excited I chose to keep this dress. I kept everything in this Fix, but this is still my favorite piece.

4. Pomelo Addie Sleeveless Side Gathered Striped Maxi Dress ($68) July 2014 Fix
Pomelo Addie Sleeveless Side Gathered Striped Maxi Dress Stitch Fix Review
This is one of two maxi dresses I received from Stitch Fix in 2014. I wore it constantly this summer and I know I’ll be wearing it out again next year. It’s comfortable and cool and I love the color/detailing. I love that Stitch Fix was able to find maxi dresses that aren’t just made for tall people. I’m only 5’4″, but both dresses they sent me didn’t drag on the ground. I live in dresses in the summer, so this was the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

5. Mystree Mixed Stripe Jersey Maxi Dress ($78) April 2014 Fix
This is the other maxi dress I received in 2014. I wasn’t thrilled about the black/grey coloring at first, but then I realized I’d be able to wear tons of different colors of accessories and they’d all pop against the dress. I loved the asymmetrical stripes on the skirt and it fit like a dream. It became my favorite traveling dress (I don’t travel in sweats, remember?) and I wore it to the pool a lot.

6. Splendid Isla Striped 3/4 Sleeve Pocket Tee ($58) April 2014 Fix
This was my favorite top I received in 2014. I wore this with my distressed Bermuda shorts more than I’d like to admit. And then it got washed wrong and shrunk. I may have cried a little. I tried to order one from the Splendid website, but it cost way more than it did through Stitch Fix and I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money again.

7.Caramela Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan ($58) November 2014 Fix

Caramela Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan Stitch Fix Review NovemberLast but certainly not least, we have this beauty. A drapey, warm cardigan with pockets in a gorgeous color? Sold. I’ve had this piece for less than a month and I’ve worn it at least a dozen times. The price point for this cardi was spot-on, too. I really wish I could have kept more from this Fix, but there was no way I was letting this cardigan go.

I’m looking forward to a whole new year of Stitch Fix and I can’t wait for my January Fix to arrive. If you’re new to Stitch Fix, check out my 5 tips for getting your best Fix. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up through my referral link and I’ll send you some Christmas cookies (or my sincere gratitude.)

Did you have a chance to check out Stitch Fix this year? Leave a comment and let me know!

Much Ado About Nothing

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Runners

11 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Runners

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How to Send Holiday Cards To Troops

How To Send Holiday Cards to Troops

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