You Might Be Excited for #HouseOfCards If…

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know House of Cards Season 3 is coming to Netflix on Friday (February 27.) I have had Francis and Claire on my mind all week and I can not wait for the episodes to magically show up on Netflix tomorrow. Call it obsession, call it Underwood Fever. Just call me when it’s Friday.

I love this show more than sharks love blood, y’all.

1. You start knocking on the table to excuse the children from dinner.

I despise children…who don’t finish their vegetables.

2. Your Pinterest “Hair Ideas” board looks like this:


I’m really going to chop it all of this time, you guys. I swear.

3. You force your kids to watch Sesame Street’s “House of Bricks” over and over again.

Hey, it’s educational.

4. You’ve stocked up on your favorite House of Cards viewing wine:

Underwood Wine

Cheers, Claire.

5. You start a new hobby like hand-painting Civil War figurines or playing chess, anything to pass the time.


The waiting. All the waiting.

So if you need me on Friday night, you know where to find me.

Knock, knock.

Fangirl Friday Five: February 13

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Welcome to Fangirl Friday Five #2.

Here’s a little spoiler warning for you: if you have not yet watched the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, please do not read #4 OR #5 on this list. I will not be responsible if something gets spoiled for you, so read at your own risk.

1. If this doesn’t win the Internet this week,  I don’t know what does. Is it wrong that I want to read a book version of this? Because I do. Snape was always one of my most favorite characters from the Harry Potter series and this video just makes me love him even more. Or should I say Always. It’s almost 15 minutes long, but so worth it.

2.  Nerdist News got their hands on the pilot script for a new AMC adaptation of the comic Preacher and it’s gonna be gooooood.

3. These Star Wars his-and-hers bath towels will be mine. (Hey babe, total Valentine’s Day gift hint right there.)
Star Wars Bath Towels

4. The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead: SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Who knew I could be so happy to feel emotionally wrecked? And I was. The midseason premiere was, in fact, the different style which was promised to us by several writers, showrunners, and cast members. I heard some people (crazily) refer to the episode as boring or slow, but I absolutely loved it. There was so much misdirection and the little snippets from Tyree’s point of view built onto each other and brought the episode full circle. I sobbed, yet again. And can we take a minute to discuss how gaunt The Govenor looked? Maybe there’s food rationing in Hell?

On The Talking Dead, it was revealed that it had been 17 days since the time of Beth’s death to the current episode. Also, if you thought the voice on the radio sounded familiar, that’s because it belonged to Andrew Lincoln. I’m not why I cared about those two little factoids so much, but I do. Especially the timeline since Beth’s death. Knowing the group has suffered two major losses in just as many weeks will definitely set their mental states in a most vulnerable level for the next few episodes.

I can’t help but think we’re getting closer to the Washington story arc of the comic series, especially seeing the severed torsos with marks on their heads. Negan may be near, y’all, and if he is? Well, it’s going to get real interesting.

5. SPEAKING OF NEGAN, three Walking Dead cast members (Maggie, Eugene, and comic writer Robert Kirkman) were on Chris Hardwick’s show @midnight Wednesday night and Robert Kirkman went and did this:



I KNOW! So, is he basically telling us that Negan’s story line will NOT follow the comic or is he totally punking us by giving us a real spoiler by pretending it’s not a real spoiler?

Catch a sneak peek at this Sunday’s episode here.

So there you have it: Five things that are making my fangirl heart flutter this week. I’d love to know if you’re enjoying the Fangirl Friday Five, so leave a comment and let me know or give the post a fun thumbs-up.


Almost Seven

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Almost seven.

That’s how old my daughter is now. She’ll be seven in May, but calling her “six” just doesn’t feel right. She’s so different than the girl who turned six on our Disney vacation last year.

She’s all elbows and knees, long hair that gets curly when it’s wet, and I can see her future teenage self staring back at me when I look at her most days.

It takes my breath away.

Almost seven might be my favorite age so far. She’s fiercely independent (and we have the arguments to prove it), yet still so much a mama’s girl. She wants held and cuddled, but she wants to take showers by herself (never a bath, heaven forbid) where she sings Taylor Swift lyrics at the top of her lungs. She gives me a hug when she gets off the bus in the afternoon, but wants me to walk ahead so she can walk home with her friends.

We’re still at the age where she thinks it’s cool that I like Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan. We can sing along to “Blank Space” in the car, dance around the living room to “Rain Is a Good Thing”, and she still wants me to sing her favorite lullaby (“Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral”) at night.

She wants to be a horsewoman and a scientist at a farm because it’s too hard for her to pick between the two. She soaks up little bits of trivia about horses and space and science like a sponge. She loves dress up and lip gloss and Taylor Swift, but she makes a mean Jedi. She fights with her brother (constantly), but she’s the best big sister when she wants to be.

Almost Seven

Almost seven is awesome.

I know in a year or two this will all change. She’ll cringe when I try to sing along. She won’t want me to climb into bed with her at night for snuggles. She won’t come running to me with a hug and kiss when she gets off the bus after school.

For the first time, thinking of the future hurts. I was always a little melancholy when the kids stopped nursing or started walking or started school, but I never felt this pang in my heart because they were still so small and still needed me. I knew I had time. I had time to enjoy them as infants, toddlers, preschoolers. And now that time is running out.

Yes, I know she’ll always need me in one way or another. I’m awarded that benefit for life.

But when I look at her sweet face and I see how big she is and how quickly time passes, I realize things are changing. The way she’ll need me will change. The way I’ll need her will change. And I’m not ready for it. Not just yet.

Almost Seven

For now, I want her to stay “almost seven” forever.