New on Netflix: September 2014

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It’s a new month, which means we get some new additions to Netflix Instant Streaming. Notable adds: Missed Season 4 of The Walking Dead and want to catch up before Season 5 premieres this October? Well, you’re in luck. Netflix has you covered on September 29th. A couple of Robin Williams films have been added, […]

Motivational Running Songs FiddleDeeMe

Marathon Monday: The Wall Song: Motivational Running Songs

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The Wall: that awful place where you feel like you can’t run another step. You’re hurting, tired, hungry, and ready to call it quits. The Wall happens on training runs and races. Your goal is to scale The Wall and never look back. Sometimes you’ll have a running buddy to get you through. Sometimes, it’s […]

FiddleDeeMinute College Colors Day

FiddleDeeMinute: College Colors Day Edition

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The summer might be ending, but that means we get the Boys of Fall. The college football season is officially underway and today is College Colors Day. Check out today’s FiddleDeeMinute to see who I’m rooting for and leave a comment below with your favorite team. Oh, and by the way, that noise? You don’t […]

Transit Drive In Retro Movie Night Robin Williams Tribute

Buffalo-area Drive-In Robin Williams Tribute Nights

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If you live in the Western New York area, be sure to check out two different Robin Williams specials at the Transit Drive-in. Proceeds from showings to benefit the Mental Health Association in Niagara County, Inc.  Williams’ work will be featured in a Labor Day weekend triple feature as well as a special Retro Movies limited engagement. Pre-sale […]

New Teaser from The Walking Dead: Walkers Close on Tyreese

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The Walking Dead has released a new teaser trailer featuring a lone Tyreese. Where is Carol? Where is the baby? Are they in that house with him? WHO WAS THAT? Of course, none of these questions will be answered before October, but I like shouting them out to myself anyway. Who (or what) do you […]


There’s Something Happening Here

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I know the posts have been really random and sporadic as of late. I have a whole slew of posts in my drafts that I could have posted every day  just to keep things moving, but it doesn’t feel right posting just to post. I have been furiously preparing for the Fall. My brain and […]

Packing School Lunches Made Easy

Making School Lunches Easy and Fun

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I can’t believe it’s already back t0 school time. We still have two weeks left of summer vacation, but many of our friends and family have kids back in school now. To be honest, I’m ready for the kids to go back. We need the structure and schedules again. And I’m ready for Fall fun, […]

Sofia The First The Enchated Feast Coupon Disney Movie Rewards

Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast Review and Coupon

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I received a copy of this DVD for review. All opinions are my own. “Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast”, available now on Disney DVD,  features the title episode (with a special appearance by Snow White) as well as four additional episodes (“The Buttercups,” “Tea For Too Many,” “The Great Aunt-Venture,” and “Two Princesses And […]

R2D2 Fiddledeefangirl

The Fangirl Returns

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So it turns out running two sites is a much bigger pain in the butt than I had anticipated. Me and my grand ideas. I originally created to be my space to let my Freak Flag really fly. I didn’t want to throw in posts about Star Wars or kid’s tv shows in between […]

Win $25 Sparkle Athletic Gift Card!

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a random, non-sponsored giveaway. I know things have been a bit slow around here lately, so what a better way to liven things up but with a chance to win a little sparkle?! I’m a huge Sparkle Athletic fan and I’ve worn their skirts in almost every race […]