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Season of Lasts

The Season of Lasts

We've entered our Season of Lasts- what I call our last year at a duty station. Next summer, we will be off on a new adventure in a new city, but first we have to get through our last county fair and end-of- summer block party, our last first day of school here, our last Christmas in this house, one last Spring to plant flowers and celebrate the end of a school year at our favorite custard stand. We try to make the most of this Season. Our day trips increase, our weekends become filled with trips to favorite restaurants or places we need to check out before we leave. What was once "we need … [Read More...]

Mani  Pedi Scrub Coconut Oil Coffee

Homemade Mani/Pedi Scrub with Coconut Oil

Before we get into how to make my amazing mani/pedi scrub, I should probably let you know why I'm even bothering to do a mani/pedi at home, rather than spend an hour at the nail salon without my children or work. I hate pedicures.  There. I said it.  I also hate seeing photos of your pedicures on Instagram.  *shudder* I can't justify spending $40 for someone to touch my feet. It's not at all relaxing for me...probably because I have extremely ticklish feet and I spend the entire time tensed up and hoping I don't kick someone in the face (and, yes, I've actually kicked someone in the face … [Read More...]

Ant Man Review

ANT-MAN Review #AntMan

MARVEL's ANT-MAN opened in theaters last weekend, taking the #1 spot at the box office. While the $58 million opening fell short of the $60 million projection, it still made a strong showing, especially considering it was up against two other family titles: Minions and Inside Out. I'm going to say right upfront that I loved ANT-MAN. Loved. I mistakenly purchased a Real3D ticket and it ended up being a blessing. I'm not a 3D fan. In fact, I go out of my way to avoid watching films in 3D, but ANT-MAN restored my faith in the format. The 3D photography was used to enhance the experience. There … [Read More...]

$20 Target Challenge

$20 Target Challenge

I love a good challenge, especially when Target is involved. When I saw Megan and Wendy from Long Story Short take the $20 Target Challenge, I knew I had to take it, too. I had originally planned on doing this as a video, but with two children who think yelling at each other is the best summer activity ever it's just not happening. I headed to Target to spend my one hour of free time I had last week (because where else would I go?) and I was pumped to take the challenge. What could I get at Target for only $20?   Inspired by @meganandwendylss: Going in to take the $20 @target … [Read More...]

teen beach movie 2 best summer movies

5 Best Summer Movies For Kids

My kids and I love having "PJ Movie Day" during the summer. We pick one day a week where we stay in our jammies all day and have movie marathons. Each week, we pick a different theme: superheroes, musicals, Christmas in July, etc. One of my favorite themes is "summer movies". There are so many great classic films about summer, but these are a few of our favorite summer movies for kids. (I may need to make another list of my not-so-family-friendly summer movie favorites because there are so many great ones. I'm looking at you,  Wet Hot American Summer and Jaws.) 1. Gidget: Gidget is cute … [Read More...]