Tips for Packing Shoes for Travel

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I’m heading to Mom 2.0 next week and I can not wait. I’ve started packing because that’s how I roll, and wanted to share my tips for packing shoes when you travel. Things you’ll learn from this video also include to always check to make sure you don’t have glitter on your face before you film a video and the fact that I’m wearing a sweater in late April is disturbing.
Packing Shoes for Travel Tip

If you’re going to be at Mom 2 next week, leave a comment and let me know. I can’t wait to see everyone!

About That PR Thing

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So remember when I was all “YAY I’m going to get a PR at the Buffalo Marathon Half in May and running is awesome and this is going to be the best thing EVER”?

Yeah, about that…

It’s not happening and I’m ok with it. I’m deferring my half marathon entry to next year and only running the 5k next month.

Why, you ask?  Well, it’s simple: I just don’t like running more than a few miles at a time anymore. I don’t. You know what I do like? Throwing on my running shoes after a crappy day and pounding out three or four miles. I like taking 45 minutes to finish a run, not two hours. I like being able to squeeze in a 5k and still get other things done before it’s time to get my kid from school. I like popping on the latest Nerdist podcast and doing a quick lap around the block to get a dose of laughter and sunshine in my day.

Shorter runs fit my lifestyle right now. They make me happy. I’m not looking at my calendar and seeing a training plan staring back at me, telling me I’m not where I’m “supposed” to be right now. I know if I consistently run 3-5 mile runs, I can register for a 5k and be ready to go whenever I want. I know if I concentrate on this shorter mileage I can get faster and more confident with my pace.

I just want to run to run. So that’s what I’m going to do. Maybe by next year’s race I’ll be ready to do a half marathon again, who knows. What I do know now is running is a gift and I want to enjoy it. I don’t want it to feel forced. I know I’m taking myself out of the running (no pun intended) for a lot of great opportunities by scaling back my distance. Races and companies want to work with distance runners. But, I can’t let FOMO be my motivation. My motivation has to be my love of the run: my runs, my distances, my paces.

So while there will be no half marathon PR for me next month, there will be lots of happy, albeit shorter, runs in my future.

QOTD: Have you ever made the decision to scale back your running? Leave a comment and let me know!

Record Store Day 2015

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Tomorrow (April 18th) is Record Store Day. Yes, this is a thing and it is awesome.

We have a great indie record shop down the road and it is always packed with people digging through their used collection and the new release section is growing weekly. Although, I still love digging through estate sales to find some great gems for ridicously low prices. Between the record store and estate sales, I completed my Christmas record collection for dirt cheap (the only record I’m missing at this point is  A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector.)

I don’t care if loving vinyl hipster cliche like beards and flannel. I don’t care if it’s the cool thing to like. I do not care if you’re over there all “Well, I totally liked records before it was cool.” I don’t care if you know everything about music or you just think it’s cool to buy a record or you just like dancing.

Vinyl is amazing and I am so excited it’s making a comeback (tapes, on the other hand, not so much.) I love that it’s the cool thing to own. I love it, you guys. The more people embrace vinyl, the longer it sticks around. So, visit your local record store and stock up tomorrow. Our store is having a huge party with live bands all day, food trucks, and deals. You can check the Record Store Day website too see if there’s an indie shop in your area holding an event. There are also exclusive albums being released tomorrow.

The best part of all of this is you’re helping to keep your local stores and neighbors in business. Records aren’t something you buy on Amazon, you guys. Records are something you buy in a store or at an estate sale. Where you get to spend time flipping through albums, discovering new artists, smelling that used record smell, and appreciating amazing album art.

If you’re new to vinyl, tomorrow is the perfect time to dive in. You can get basic record players at Target (or your record store) for well under $100. I don’t have a fancy sound system and I probably never will, but it doesn’t matter. Records sound amazing even on my $70 Target special.

So go forth and vinyl, y’all. Buy your kids some records, too, while you’re at it. If they’re anything like my kids, they’ll love records and you’ll get to wax nostalgic while they listen to a Disney record and you hear that little Tinker Bell chime when you turn the page in the read-along story or they start singing the Ballad of Davy Crocket.

If anything, you can pull a Ducky and call it a day.