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Easy Orange Cranberry Sauce Recipe

It's beginning to smell a lot like Thanksgiving in here. This is my favorite orange cranberry sauce recipe. It's quick and easy and doesn't require any fancy ingredients. Make it today or tomorrow morning. It's best when the flavors have time to develop. It's also really amazing warmed up and slathered on vanilla ice cream. Maybe with a little brandy. You can control the thickness and texture of this sauce. I like it chunky, so I don't cook it down very much. I stir in the slurry once the cranberries start popping and are easily broken up. You can also use an immersion blender to blend … [Read More...]


Pentatonix Star Wars AMA Performance

Last night on the American Music Awards (which, really isn't an award show anymore, but that's a post for another time) Pentatonix played tribute to STAR WARS with a medley of John Williams' STAR WARS music, accompanied by a full symphony orchestra. The result?   View image |   The only reason I'd ever watch the AMAs. (The "da da dadada daaa da" is exactly how I sing along with my STAR WARS soundtracks. Also: Fashion Goals) (Pentatonix Star Wars performace) … [Read More...]

Eggnog Cupcakes with LACTAID

LACTAID Holiday Nog Cupcakes (Eggnog Cupcakes)

For my final post in the #NoDairyEnvy campaign, LACTAID challenged me to make a recipe featuring their lactose-free dairy products that would be perfect for holiday gatherings. It can be really hard to plan holiday menus around allergies and sensitivities, but it's my job as hostess to make sure we have foods every guest can enjoy. There's nothing worse than being at a party or holiday dinner and not being able to eat what's being served. I've been there, and I know how awful it feels. It makes me want to try even harder to make sure my guests will be able to eat the majority of the food I … [Read More...]


Pley: Gifts That Keep Giving

It's November, which means the toy catalogs are showing up at the house on a daily basis. My kids rush to the mailbox to see which catalog will be there today so they can grab a marker and circle every.single.toy. in each circular for their "Christmas lists." At this point, it's less list and more catalog. I know a lot of is is our fault. We've spoiled them rotten for the past few years at Christmastime and they've grown used to it. I can't help myself. I like spoiling my kids. This year, we're doing things a little differently. This Christmas, we're keeping our budget smaller and cutting … [Read More...]

Liz and Honey Sweater

A New Favorite Outfit

Cloudy days like today call for comfy leggings, booties, and the warmest, comfiest poncho sweater ever.                                                           Sweater: Liz and Honey// Leggings and Booties: Target // Purse: Stitch Fix I'm so glad I left a spot in my fall capsule wardrobe for this sweater. It may get a spot in my winter capsule as well. (If you want to check out Liz and Honey for yourself, click the link and use the code shown on the screen to get $10 off your order. I'll get $10 off my next order, too. They always have free shipping, too. This post is brought to you … [Read More...]