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Froce Friday

#ForceFriday Week and Aftermath: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This post contains affiliate links because I need to support my Star Wars habit this site. It's a good week for Star Wars fans. A very good week. The first set of over 20 titles in the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens titles will be released on Friday, September 4th. All of these books are canon (meaning they are officially sanctioned storylines within the SWCU) and will help set the stage before Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiers on December 18th. The titles will include comics, novels, young adult fiction, and DK Reader encyclopedia-style books. All titles will be available … [Read More...]

Warby Parker At Home Try On

Warby Parker At Home Try On Picks

I am blind as a bat. If I take out my contacts, the world becomes a blur and I stumble around my house, running into things, and stepping on the cat. I've worn some type of vision correction since I was around 5.  (I pray every day my kids don't end up with my eyesight and inherited their dad's 20/20 vision instead.) My prescription gets worse at almost every check-up, even though they claim it will plateau at some point. Liars. This means glasses and contacts are my life. I prefer wearing my contacts, but glasses are a necessary part of my daily routine. I've never really put  much effort … [Read More...]

Captian America Civil War Teams

Captain America: Civil War Teams Revealed

Team Taylor vs Team Katy Team Gold vs Team Blue These debates have divided our country for decades months, but  nothing will divide the nation more than who you choose from the Captain America: Civil War teams: Team America vs Team Stark. MARVEL (well, Jeremy Renner's twitter account, if we're being honest) released new images from Captain America: Civil War, featuring the two opposing sides, confirming just who will be joining Iron Man's pro-registration forces vs the Capt's team. Iron Man is flanked by War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther and Vision. (Black Widow is a huge … [Read More...]

Star Wars Half Marathon Disneyland and Walt Disney World

runDisney Star Wars Races at Walt Disney World

After what seems like a year's worth of rumors, runDisney has just announced a new runDisney Star Wars race series, bringing their Star Wars races coast-to-coast. The newest races will take place at Walt Disney World April 14-17th, 2016. The Florida-based races will bring balance to The Force by introducing the Dark Side Challenge (10k + half marathon.) As always, a 5k option will be available with kid's races and a multi-day expo. In addition, runners who complete both the Disneyland Star Wars races and Walt Disney World races in the same calendar year will be eligible for the Kessel Run … [Read More...]

Watch With Me AFI Top 100 Films

Watch With Me: AFI’s Top 100 Movies #FDM100Films

Even though I try to act like I don't like bucket lists, I totally have one. It includes such gems as "See a game at every MLB ballpark" and "climb all of the peaks in the Adirondacks." I've recently added "attend the red carpet premiere of The Force Awakens" because you guys? It's on my birthday. It also includes watching every movie on the original American Film Institute Top 100 Greatest American Movies list. (There's a 10th anniversary edition as well, but I'm not a fan of some of the changes that were made between the two lists.) I've seen a vast majority of the films: 71 out of … [Read More...]