Five Tips to Get Your Best Stitch Fix

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This post contains affiliate links. I would love for you to use my link if you decide to sign up for Stitch Fix. I might even send you a puppy. Or my sincere thanks.

Y’all know I love me some Stitch Fix. I love getting five amazing pieces delivered to my door every month. I love that it doesn’t cost me anything to ship back pieces I don’t want to keep. I love that my $20 styling fee gets applied to whatever I decide to purchase.

One thing I’ve learned over the past six months is to make sure I’m helping out my stylist. The more information I give her to work with, the better my Fix. Last month’s Fix was the perfect example.

Here are Five Tips to Get Your Best Stitch Fix:

 Five Tips to Get Your Best Stitch Fix

1. Get out your tape measure: The more accurate your, the better your chances of getting pieces that fit correctly. That means being truthful and using numbers to determine your size. Use the provided size charts and you can even leave your detailed sizing in your comments section.

2. Create a Stitch Fix Style Pinterest Board: Pin everything you love. Leave comments on your Pins as to why you like a particular piece, whether it’s the cut/color/style you love, or even things you don’t like about it.  Put the link to your Pinterest board in your style profile comments. And stay on top of the board! A board filled with sweaters, boots, and jeans isn’t going to help your stylist in June.

Follow Ashley’s board Stitch Fix and Style Ideas on Pinterest.

3. Check out Stitch Fix Reviews: Spend some time Googling Stitch Fix Reviews (you can check out all of my Stitch Fix reviews here) and Pin the outfits you love. If there’s a top you just have to have, Pin it and let your stylist know. They can’t always guarantee an item is in stock, but they’ll always try or they’ll find something similar.

4. Be demanding: I mean this in the best way possible. Tell your stylist what you DO want and what you DON’T want. For example, I don’t want jeans, so I let my stylist know. If you need vacation wear, tell them! If you hate certain fabrics or colors tell them! You don’t want to waste an item spot with something you know you’ll dislike, so be sure to be as clear as possible with your stylist on what you’re looking for.

5. Leave detailed feedback: After you receive a Fix, tell your stylist everything! Did you love the cut, but hate the color? Did the style not fit you correctly? Was the dress the perfect length for you? The more details, the better! Don’t just leave feedback on the items you didn’t keep. Let them know why you chose to keep an item, too! This will help your stylist determine items for your future fixes, so take a few extra minutes to fill out your feedback form with all of your thoughts.

So there you go, five easy ways to ensure you get the best Stitch Fixes possible. Do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment and let me know! 


What You Need to Know For Mad Men Season 7

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Today, I’m over at FiddleDeeFangirl talking about what you need to know before Sunday’s season premiere of Mad Men. Go check it out!

What You Need To Know for Season 7 of Mad Men

What to Pack for a Walt Disney World Vacation Video and Printable

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Welcome to this week’s FiddleDeeTips!  Today, we’re talking about packing: more specifically, what to pack for a Walt Disney World vacation, and this isn’t your typical list of things like autograph books and swimsuits (although both of those things are important.) I like to call this the “extras edition”-things you might not think to pack, but you’ll be glad you did.

FiddleDeeTips for your Walt Disney World vacation

I posted this video on my old site a couple of years ago and it’s gotten such a great response. I realize many of you may not have the time to sit and watch the entire video (at least not without the kids wanting snacks 132593 times.)

To make things even easier, here’s a printable list of my must-haves for when we visit Walt Disney World. There are a few new items on the list, and be sure to check out the video to see why I chose most of these items. Remember, this isn’t a list of things like deodorant or shampoo. This is a list of little extra must-haves that make our lives easier on vacation and save us money, too.  Click the image to download and print the PDF file.

What to Pack for a Walt Disney World Vacation Video and Printable

What are some of your must-pack items for your Walt Disney World vacation?

Be sure to come back again soon for more FiddleDeeTips!