The Most Annoying Sound in the World: My Kids Edition

There are tons of things my kids say that annoy me.

“Can I have a snack? Can I? I’m staaaaaaaaaaaaarving! Pleaaaaaase?”

“He/She hit me!”  “I didn’t do it, he/she did it!”  “No!”  “He made the mess, not me!!!”  “Mommy, mommy, MOOOOOMMMMY” (while I’m on the phone)

Those are tolerable compared to this:

“BUTIDONTWANNAGO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” (insert tears, screams and flailing limbs here).

It also comes in the form of “NOOOOOOOOOOO I’m not done playing!” “NOOOOOOOO I don’t want to go to bed!”  “NOOOOOOOOOO it’s not time for whatever you are asking me to do!”

We’ve always tried to set limits.  “Bedtime after this story/show/song/snack/bath is over”, “You have until this timer goes off”, “We can play one more game and then it’s time to go”.  The majority of the time we stick with those limits and don’t give into the tantrums, especially in public.  We’re not perfect and we do give in every now and then.

No matter what we say, what we do, they throw fits.  And not just the 2 year old.  Oh, no.  The 4.5 year old does it, too.  They can cause quite the Oscar-worthy scene when they want to.  Anne Hathaway’s snotty nose and tears in Les Mis look like puppies and rainbows compared to the sadness, anger and fury that can come out of my two little precious children.

FiddleDeeMe Bunny Quote

Sometimes I think to myself  “I’m  not taking them to the park/playground/museum anymore because I.can’ We will sit at home and do nothing. That’ll learn ’em!”

Listen, I get that they’re little kids.  I get that stopping the awesome fun they’re having is like kicking a dozen puppies, but there comes a point where my tolerance runs out and I’m ready to leave them  at the playground forever.  I’m kidding about that last part.  Kind of.

I’m hoping this is one of those “this too shall pass” phases that some parents of older children like to smugly tell you about while also telling you how it will be replaced with something else just as awful.  (because that’s so helpful, right?)

Until then, I’ll continue to set limits and tape their performances for audition reels.  Look out Hollywood!


  1. says

    I hear ya! I’ve pretty much stopped taking my five year old to the store with me, unless I absolutely have to, because she just doesn’t know how to listen while we are there.

    My mom said I did the same thing, so I’m waiting for this to pass, hopefully!!

  2. says

    Oh the first 2 you could have been recording my children lol. The snack thing and who’s hitting who. I’m surprised they aren’t arguing over who’s breathing who’s air! lol

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