My Favorite Products and Makeup for the Under Eye Area

There are little green things starting to sprout from tree limbs. I think they’re called leaves and I think this is something they call “Spring”, which was supposed to arrive a month ago.

Along with the leaves comes pollen. My allergies are starting to get out of control, which means puffy eyes and dark circles. I typically ditch my Benefit some kind-a gorgeous foundation for a CC cream when Spring and Summer roll around (and when I start to get a tan and don’t look like a ghost.)

The CC creams don’t always give me the under eye coverage I need, so I employ a trio of products to keep my eyes from looking tired and scary. You could call this my Holy Trinity of Under Eye Care.

Banish Under Eye Circles During Pollen Season

1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream: I use this every morning and every night. I wasn’t a huge believer in eye creams until this came along. After about a month of daily use, I noticed the skin under my eyes was firmer and brighter, despite my awful sleeping habits.

2. H2O Plus Eye Oasis Instant Hydrating Stick: I apply this after the Neutrogena cream has absorbed (usually I slap the eye cream on right after my shower and this right before I do my make up about 10 minutes later). This little stick works miracles, y’all. Apply and in a few minutes, the area under your eyes is brighter and refreshed. It also makes applying concealer so.much.easier. Speaking of concealer…

3. Benefit fakeup: fakeup is my all-time favorite concealer. It covers without settling into creases and looking dry or cakey (yes, that’s a word.)  It lasts all day, too. I always leave the house wearing  fakeup and they’re real! mascara. Even if I don’t put on a “full face”, these two products make me feel like I’m ready to face the world.  (tip: I purchase they’re real! in trial sizes because it tends to dry out quickly and it’s easier to travel with

The combination of these three products keep my puffy, under eye circles at bay, even during the insane height of pollen season. And, no, this isn’t a sponsored post and it doesn’t even contain affiliate links. There are just some secrets a girl has to share, and this is one of them.